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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "While the Semantic Web community was fighting its own internal battles, we failed to gain traction with the people who build apps that are actually used: front-end developers. Ironically, Semantic Web enthusiasts have failed to focus on the Web; whereas our technologies are delivering results in specialized back-end systems, the promised intelligent end-user apps are not being created. Within the Solid ecosystem for decentralized Web applications, Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies play a crucial role. Working intensely on Solid the past year, I realized that designing a fun developer experience will be crucial to its success. Through dialogue with front-end developers, I created a couple of JavaScript libraries for easy interaction with complex Linked Data—without having to know RDF. This post introduces the core React components for Solid along with the LDflex query language, and lessons learned from their design."@en }

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