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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "The Public Sector Information directive has made Open Data the default within European Public Sector Bodies. End-user multimodal planners need access to government data to make intelligent route planning decisions. We studied both the needs of the market and the vision of the department of Mobility and Public Works in Flanders by interviewing 6 market players and 27 governmental data owners and by organising 2 workshops. We found a moderate willingness to publishing open data, amongst others, thanks to the European PSI and ITS directives. Furthermore, we found evidence of existing open data reuse among commercial multimodal route planners. We identified 3 caveats: not every dataset will be reused as there is a cost for adoption, data quality needs to be high enough and metadata is crucial. We formulate opportunities that lie within the Web’s principles to reduce cost of publishing and reusing, and raise the data quality."@en }

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