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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "Ontologies and reasoning algorithms are considered a promising approach to create decision making applications. Rule-based reasoning systems have the advantage that rule sets can be managed and applied separately, which facilitates the custom configuration of those systems. However, current implementations of rule-based reasoning systems usually introduce a trade-off between expressiveness and performance, which either deteriorates the configurability of the application, or limits its performance in an event-driven system. In this paper, we devise an event-driven rule-based reasoning system that preserves its expressiveness. We devise an automatic nurse call system that is able to handle hard time constraints without limiting the possibilities of the reasoner, and list the encountered problems together with their suggested solutions. We achieve reasonable performance in small-scale environments when evaluating this system using N3 rules and the EYE reasoner. We however observe that a large dynamic database limits the performance of the system, because of the file-based nature of the EYE reasoner. As long as no in-memory reasoning is supported, the performance of the resulting system cannot compete with the state of the art. However, the linear scaling of the proposed expressive solution is promising."@en }

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