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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "Linked Data offers an entity-based infrastructure to resolve indirect relations between resources, expressed as chains of links. If we could benchmark how effective retrieving chains of links from these sources is, we can motivate why they are a reliable addition for exploratory search interfaces. A vast number of applications could reap the benefits from encouraging insights in this field. Especially all kinds of knowledge discovery tasks related for instance to ad-hoc decision support and digital assistance systems. In this paper, we explain a benchmark model for evaluating the effectiveness of associating chains of links with keyword-based queries. We illustrate the benchmark model with an example case using academic library and conference metadata where we measured precision involving targeted expert users and directed it towards search effectiveness. This kind of typical semantic search engine evaluation focusing on information retrieval metrics such as precision is typically biased towards the final result only. However, in an exploratory search scenario, the dynamics of the intermediary links that could lead to potentially relevant discoveries are not to be neglected."@en }

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