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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "In modern factories different machines and devices offering their services such as producing parts or simply providing information become more and more important. The number and diversity of such devices is increasing and the task of combining available resources into workflows becomes a challenge which can hardly be handled by a human user. In this paper we describe how we use RESTdesc, a formalism to semantically describe possible actions of RESTful Web APIs via existential rules to automatically generate and execute such workflows. Our approach makes use of Notation3 reasoners and their ability to produce proofs. These proofs are interpreted as workflow descriptions which can be easily executed and updated. The latter makes our approach very adaptable to unforeseen situations. By using one rule per possible API call, our system is very modular and easy to maintain; services can be readily added or removed. Our implementation shows how the use of rule based reasoning can significantly improve the daily work in today’s factories."@en }

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