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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "Ever since public transit agencies have found their way to the Web, they inform travelers using route planning software made available on their website. These travelers also need to be informed about other modes of transport, for which they have to consult other websites, or for which they have to ask the transit agency’s server maintainer to implement new functionalities. In this demo, we introduce an affordable publishing method for transit data, called Linked Connections, that can be used for intermodal route planning, by allowing user agents to execute the route planning algorithm. We publish paged documents containing a stream of hops between transit stops sorted by departure time. Using these documents, clients are able to perform intermodal route planning in a reasonable time. Furthermore, such clients are fully in charge of the algorithm, and can now also route in different ways by integrating datasets of a user’s choice. When visiting our demo, conference attendees will be able to calculate intermodal routes by querying the Web of data using their phone’s browser, without expensive server infrastructure."@en }

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