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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "Calculating a public transit route involves taking into account user preferences: e.g., one might prefer trams over buses, one might prefer a slight detour to pass by their favorite coffee bar or one might only be interested in wheelchair accessible journeys. Traditional route planning interfaces do not expose enough features for these kind of questions to be answered. In previous work, we proposed a Linked Data interface, called Linked Connections, which allows user-agents to evaluate the route planning queries on the client-side, and thus allow for extra features to be implemented by data reusers. In this work, we study how and where these new features can be added to the Linked Connections framework. We researched this by adding the feature of wheelchair-accessibility both on server and client, and comparing these two solution on query execution time, cache performance and CPU usage on server and client. We found that for the use case of wheelchair-accessibility, there is no advantage of adding this feature on the server: the query execution time does not improve, while the cache hit rate lowers."@en }

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